more mwesch on youtube

I was scanning YouTube for something entirely else when i ran into Mike Wesch‘s latest youtube clips today. Not only he has found a brilliant way of introducing himself and the students of his Digital Ethnography class at Kansas State University to their field [Introducing our YouTube Ethnography Project], also a video of his World Simulation seminar is on [part 1, part 2, part 3]. See related Savage Minds entries here and here.

And once you’re there and you haven’t watched it yet, invest a few minutes at Wesch’s Web 2.0 … the machine is us/ing us. Meanwhile a final version has been set up and a growing number of video responses have been uploaded. (27 when I began to write this entry.)

disciplinary distinction


If that has not been oneman himself–wonder whether anyone else than an anthropologist would take time to (more or less) carefully learn to distinct humourous and ironical ones from other Savage Minds blogposts.  I’m open for suggestions.

photography of cyberspace

i-am-a-jpg.JPGI’ve been playing around with screenshots for a while now since I began to take ones myself. In terms of the organization of doing qualitative research online, a couple of months ago I decided screenshots to be one basic sort of data that I’d methodologically dig from the field. These will serve me in various regards, but the astonishing thing is–and it needed Michael Wesch presenting the next step which is videography of cyberspace to make me fully understand–that taking screenshots really is photography of cyberspace: A snapshot through the observer’s eyes and on the participant’s screen, a visual journal that assists the ethnographer’s memory and therefore the ethnographic description–just like the photography of an offline situated scenery does.