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(…) if-then relations are elements of a certain part of logics.

‘culture’ is a system of defined if-then relations.

there exists nothinbg that is ‘logical’.

statements can be logically true or false. thats all.

a logic system cn be characterised by what premises are considered to be true.

a premise is a pre-assumption. (…)


3 Responses to “email to a friend”

  1. NooPed Says:

    Hi Orange.

    That points in an interesting direction. Nevertheless, it is not as simple.
    A If->Then relation _is_ a logical system which describes causality. Causality is only one of the aspects of existence.
    As existence itself may not be part of a causality system, the second statement, that nothing exists that is logical, is false.
    Also, Statements can be more fuzzy than true or false, as in “it is only true to a certain amount, there is a certain amount of false in that a statement” (as i think it is the case in your statement above).
    You will find more on that in mathematical logics and in systems theory and also in Gödels work.
    Culture, as it is defined in your statement, may only describe the part of culture, that is logically, or, today often digitally, described and which interacts functional or causal.

    Nevertheless cheers,

  2. NooPed Says:

    This was a fast shot. As there was no chance to edit my comment later please excuse mistakes in readiability and details :-)

  3. orange. Says:

    wow. hi there.
    in the first place, excuse my delay!

    and then–yes, existance _is_ contextual. *winks
    that is no news. as well as my statement above actually is contextual.
    as far as i recall i referred to a friend of mine saying something was “logical”.

    some fuzziness in logics subjectively occurred when i way back was taught to use this tool. *smiles
    its basics. still. its confusing. the ethnographer’s task is similar,
    or not. depends on the ethnographer.

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