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The generous private student founding I received has run out in February which means I am working again. It’s things I cannot really talk about in this public that are rumbling on my mind so I shy away from blogging. Job thingies, y’a know? I had run a well paid job self-responsibly for eight yrs before I decided to drop it in 2006 in order to move towards my M.A.  I’ve done good progress the last two semesters but still am not finally done, so currently living is a bit difficult–a little more difficult even than blogging seems to be. I must learn to be an employee.

Worked in a magazine store at the airport in March. That was quite interesting, because I entered something I was unfamiliar with before: the Einzelhandelsbranche. The store was one of these franchise shops which are perfectly organized in theory–a microverse in the metaspace of HDS Retail. Interesting (and important) for me (as a future Kulturwissenschaftler) too was the variety of journals I could face there which was a total of 2000 international and national titles. A flood of print media. And I was the man in the machine–selling, getting out the notsold and getting in new issues again. Something exciting was to hold a New Yorker in my hands, for from online I had imagined it to look different. Same procedure every time.     

The past eight weeks I worked for a European Union founded local educational project that is called job4u. Here I was given the opportunity to experience a Großraumbüro the first time.  Since it was a limited contract running out this week I’m on job run again.

Additionally since March 6th I am working for the Günter Grass Foundation Bremen as a Freier Mitarbeiter assisting them to build up their digital media archive that is supposed to be put online in September. [And no, unfortunately that is not going to be open accessible.] 

The semester is running, too.  Being a little limited in my capacities I decided to concentrate on known land for recovery and went back to one institution I come from who is Doris Kaufmann. This class is a true highlight and touches some of the themes that appear on my blogscreen the way it deserves a separate post. 

So more later.


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online_communities1.jpgOne of the mysteries you come across in blogsphereland is synchronicities. Or is it me just creating the connection to the scenery I’m interacting in


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If that has not been oneman himself–wonder whether anyone else than an anthropologist would take time to (more or less) carefully learn to distinct humourous and ironical ones from other Savage Minds blogposts.  I’m open for suggestions.