australian blogs

Playing around with virtual filing: What makes an australian blog?

The author’s nationality?

9 Responses to “australian blogs”

  1. anthronaut Says:

    The setting where most of the stories take place?

  2. just be. Says:

    yeah, anthro, thats what i think, aswell.
    The Place where the author is, not the place he belongs to.

  3. orange. Says:

    Thx for your suggestions. Lets test them on Kerim‘s blog for the time being. According to Anthronaut that would be a Taiwanese blog, while according to just be it would have been a US american blog first and then transformed to be a Taiwanese one.
    Do you agree?

  4. anthronaut Says:

    I would rather look at the blogger than the blog. We’ll have to use a polythetic account – Kerim’s blog would thus be a US/Taiwanese blog, in this case.

  5. orange. Says:

    Thx for sharing, anthronaut. Your comment ontologically points to the hybrid option. I liked your first one too, because it already pointed to something else that is relevant in my eyes regarding virtual filing of the blogs: ce qui concerne content.
    just be’s comment then added a nice portion of pragmatic realism. Zeph would love this trialog. :-)

    With Kerim’s blog I find interesting that way back in the beginning I had thought he physically was in Taiwan. I remember well my surprise when I then realized, after his actual move to Taiwan, that he had been blogging from New York. But still–to me its a U.S. American blog. And I’m figuring out why–slowly, but surely, as these questions rise.

  6. anthronaut Says:

    Cyberspace makes you reconsider the use of geography as classification system.

  7. orange. Says:

    Hmmh.. for what kind of representation would geographic criteria, meaning the place the blogger physically blogs from, work out well and what would such a representation tell us about?

    We’d gain a statistical insight. Would it tell anything on, say, “access to the internet” or “use of 2.0 technology” or so?

    To think in geographic terms means to think in spatial terms which reminds me on something I once was asked in an interview: What is virtual reality (they were thinking of the internet–not of the virtual and its original meaning). What I said was it’s space.

    Can we perhaps somehow use existant definitions of ordinary space (meaning offline space) to move on with the initial question?

  8. anthronaut Says:

    The problem is, that “offline space” and “online space” (or cyberspace and meatspace) are two classification systems that can encompass one thing and structure it in an order possibly contradictory in respect to each other. So if we use definitions of ordinary space to describe cyberspace we might get end up in a distortion of what we actually would like to describe. What I meant with polythetic is, that we should not give the preference to either cyber- or meatspace. We will always have to mention the two of them.

    Of course, we can use existing definitions of ordinary space as a metaphor for cyberspace to explain it in a way to someone who doesn’t participate in both spaces (There are people who don’t know what the global network is).

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