.theory follows practice

Theory ontologically follows practice.  

What happens when culture becomes nature and what impact can an ethnography of what is not spoken about possibly take on academic reality?

Will my eigensinnig approach of appropriating the conditions I faced first when having been put to write a proposal in the student project that brought me here [appropriation of prescribed conditions in my case means, doing extensive “preliminary investigation”, as CKelty called it, to really be able to present Informed Consent of Participants and being able to write a proposal in which I do know what I am talking about in an adequate way and “them” a little knowing me–instead of in the end being decidedly able to show why practice does not follow theory, which I happen to already know] lead me to great failure because IRBs already are revolutionized once I finish my proposal?

And what does this have to do with cyberpunk?

Fragen über Fragen.      

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