ernest cline’s planet of the monkeys


This probably already is widely known. I have come across Ernest Cline‘s via Dialogic this morning for the first time. Dance Monkey Dance, about which I’m not sure whether it is a visualization by somebody else on a slam-poem by Cline or created by Cline himself, is a magnificant example of how certain anthropologic knowledge in a non-dry and entertaining but well-elaborated and critical way can be mediated to the public.

Klicking through Cline’s bio I’m amazed by both, its digital structure simplicistically reproducing the narrative [form follows content] and the very cyberpunk exhibit that is presented over there.

5 Responses to “ernest cline’s planet of the monkeys”

  1. thivai Says:

    I’ve been very impressed by the reaction of my students to this visual text–they laugh, they discuss and they consider what it has to say… including my students who might knee-jerk reject some of the more evolutionary implications of the fact that we are all monkeys ;)

  2. gabriel Says:

    i’m from chile so i can’t speak very well english but i going to try.
    when i saw the short cut by ernest cline (dance monkeys dance) at first i think we got no way out, we grow up, learn things, love, etc…. but we are going to die eventually so why i still alive? but then i think and i remember that part that say something like this, we are supossed to be happy and the other animals can just be, so is just the other way around, we look for happiness so much that we suffer intentionally so is just balance the animals have a little suffer and a little happyness and we have big suffer and big happyness, so in the end is the same but the difference that the animals they got that and in a way they understand that but we think that we can be much happy but is imposibble, there will be always a balance. the animals have all the good thing like love, family and a really good honest sense they don’t lie and they don’t hate and the bad thing they have ‘the enemy’ is us, we are the enemy to them.
    this is my opinion and i can’t say more because is complicate
    for me to write in english.
    i don’t know if i make my point, if i did make my point, good and if i didn’t, well, forget this.
    dance monkeys dance is one of the thing i will not forget.
    and one last thing he is right to me, in a way.
    we are all monkeys and we can be more than that.

  3. gabriel Says:

    hi, it’s me again, i have some errors
    in the part that i say we look for happyness, is we search for happynes and in the final part is we are all monkeys
    and we can’t be more than that.
    if i got more errors i’m sorry and yu can correct them.

  4. orange. Says:

    Hi Gabriel, thx for dropping in. :-)

    “the animals have all the good thing like love, family and a really good honest sense they don’t lie and they don’t hate”

    In a very limited way I can speak only for dogs with whom I have lived more than two thirds of my life. They’re not so much different from us, actually, basically. They create tricks. They do hate. They do have personal enemies–and they have friends and social relatives. They are highly individualized personalities.
    Their emotional and socio-relational memory is different from ours–this is astonishing, sometimes.

  5. orange. Says:

    thivai–are you telling me, evolutionists really exist?

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