agree with NPepperell that this is _incredibly_ funny.

LMagee, contributor to Rough Theory and author of the strangest beta I ve ever seen, replies to a comment [“HI! I’ve have similar topic at my blog! Please check it.. Thanks.”]  on,

to the hundreds of fastidious commentators out there – I would love to “check it”. But the link always goes to some site which sells pharmaceuticals or other products I have no interest in. I really appreciate the sincere effort to connect on an intellectual level with my various interests: social theory, philosophy, computer science, the Semantic Web – but I’m not sure how your “blog” is “similar” ?

And some part of my brain is kept going, aiming to catch why we laugh about that.

Note to myself: Reread and summarize Bruckman, The Turing Game.


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    […] else’s) attention to how the beta is already garnering scholarly repute. From orange.’s interference: yes, LM, you have now been immortalised as: LMagee, contributor to Rough Theory and author of the […]

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