september eleven

I had finished a term paper on Alexander Kluge‘s and Oskar Negt‘s concept of selforganization in the afternoon of Sept 11, 2001. In Montréal last year Hadas Yaron, Stacey Fritz and I several times exchanged about our perception of that very day and datum. Something I mentioned was the experience of all german media having covered the same issue that day. That was kind of new to me as I had only read about the phenomenon before. Of course one shall co-mention, that the timeframe in question was not continuous, but punctual.

Anyway–I was working for Prof. Kaufmann at that time. When I saw her first after september eleven happened some work-related context made us shortly exchange, too. As far as I remember, we were talking about something related to Western selfperception as an “aufgeklärte Kultur”, touching sources for a seminar–when she looked at me and said kind of, aber jetzt ist das sowieso alles anders. It is just as Rex–and others–point us to: Choosing an enemy constitutes one’s identity.


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