creep in the cellar

“In the mid 80s there were a bunch of bad sounding live bootlegs for sale. By ’88 the band felt it could bootleg the band as well as everybody else, so they joined the crowd and released their own crappy bootleg too.

Taking a portable DAT recorder on the road, they taped shows in the winter of ’88. When they got back to Texas, they sorted out through the DAT’s and compiled the best of it to a 2 disc, 29 set on their newly formed Latino Buggerveil label.

Slightly better sounding than most bootlegs of the time, only a limited pressing was made and it went out of print farily quickly. (…)”

In the early 90s, where noone I knew could reproduce digital information on CDRoms yet–the first machine to burn CDs that appeared at a friend’s place was an analog recorder to be plugged in at your Hifi-rack–what circulated were analog musictapes, countless copies of Creep in the Cellar. Bootlegs–at that time, at that place–were principally regarded as “better” versions of a song as such. So the bootleg version I was given  had gone through many analog recorders and as I have listened to it often, I know every very sound it concludes. I have always thought, its heavy lingering was due to the chain of analog copying by which I had received my copy, but a party I ve attended  a few weeks ago taught me better. Someone from school, from the first Bildungsweg, which means, someone from really long ago, showed up and at some late moment put on the Butthole SurfersWooden Song, which intensively backwarded me to former times.

[Actually–I’ve come to think the acoustic rememberance of the human brain may even  be comparable with the olfactoric one in terms of establishing connections.] 

Back from party, I opened the internet to see what kind of internet presence Butthole Surfers meanwhile maintain and if theres any. I ve found they have further comprimed their recordings and now offer them for free over at Butthole Surfers’ Open Bootleg Archive

What I found very surprising though is, that the lingering is still there. This means it already has been a bug in the original DAT recorder–or one in the one that was used for the digitalization of the Double Live CD.   

update Most probably the DAT tape has not been stored properly.   



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