pain or nature of discomfort

Cultural Relativism in sociocultural anthropology is taught, but I for myself have not yet sufficiently answered questions of is something like that really practised or is it an abstract paradigm. 

Pain–n’importe physical or mental pain–and culturally shaped attitudes, practices and discourses in western societies that relate to physical and/or mental pain (medication) seems to be one key complexe that is related to contemporary debate on ‘moral’ and ‘cultural relativism’.  

This entry mainly is an attempt to begin to figure my mixed emotions after having read a male anthropologist’s recent article on female circumcision some days ago.  My immediate association in the first place really only is the note that–at least–the “pharaonic circumcision”  is not comparable to the practices of circumcisions on e.g. jewish or muslim males that are mostly known. A “pharaonic circumcision” transfered on human male genitals means that your penis is cut off in its totality. 

Can’t tell–ask the children. Not their parents.  




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