media, reality?


just be at ethno::log puts up a nice one questioning western images of ‘the arab’: Where does the cultural ‘arab’ stereotype come from?

She links to a mash-up that contains scenes taken off several audiovisual media, mostly mainstream films, anglophone each, as far as I figured the sources and asks how far we think to be influenced by certain stereotypes circulated by media as represented in said moviefile.

Having reflected the position I instinctively took on first, after a few hours I must admit, I can’t but recall a very moment from my early studies. Dirk Hoerder, who gave an introductory class on the history of the Northern Americas, asked us how the indians of the great prairees had hunted the buffalo before the europeans came. Sitting in the first row his eyes fell on me. On horses, I said. No, he said, horses were brought to the american continent by europeans. And then he turned around and stopped in for a second, smiled at me and said, thx that was exactly what I wanted to hear. I understood a lot from that dialog because by my biography I became aware certain knowledge of mine indeed was rooted in images created by Karl May.

(Tokei-ihto was there, too. But that’s another entry.)


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