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In case one is interested in learning more on academia, the columns of inside higher ed, I think, really are a place. I actually am not aware whether there exists an equivalent in german language. It even seems hard to only imagine there was one.

From a comments section: “Then (…) there’s the reverse: editors who collect papers together, then sit on them. For years. Maybe editors learn this skill early in their careers. Mind you, it can be a hard one to avoid.A useful skill for editors is shadow-writing when contributors fail to produce for a volume. I recall a couple of articles that I basically wrote myself, from the author’s raw text or data (and twice in a foreign language, too). Funny how these two papers later appeared on author’s cvs, without coauthorship or acknowledgement of the extra input.”

Another commentor adds, “as an over-extended graduate student, I must lift my glass to Mr. Weir. We must remember those articles we have listed as ‘in press’ on our CV’s which, if not submitted, revised, or otherwise completed, make our documentation blatantly false… (…)”

My simple lesson here is, things are more complexe than I knew. Somehow I had only thought up to “acceptance” and imagined “publication” to be the immediate follower on some level of abstraction. On the way I already had learned that academic authors must be aware of their texts being modified in the publication process. I now am aware of there being much more (f)actors that take impact on things (academic) publication and (academic) vita.


2 Responses to “question and answer”

  1. open source annual | xirdalium Says:

    […] at its best. I could name several examples of editorial boards who seemingly let your ↑accepted manuscripts vanish into a mælstrom black-hole-style, but those concerned know whom I am talking about, I guess. […]

  2. anna. Says:

    hey zeph. good to see you re still there. :-)

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