games science or aspects of how things work

Games Science is the title of a new academic online mag I came across updating my blogroll a little while ago.  As well as Matter out of Place Torill Mortenson’s blog Thinking with my Fingers , to which I stuck for her description of a cyberethnographer’s  morning routines, has been overdue to link to.  For some or another reason at some point of time I stopped updating the blogroll of my foregoing blog ‘sblog so this is why I finally initiatorily added them over here.

In a recent entry  she pondered upon the current state of german game studies and first of all I wondered about her implication of german game studies necessarily having to be published in german? Zeph, who meanwhile has checked the referrerlinks of his blog,  too questions the category as its boundaries are blurring.   

Howsoever, I am sort of fascinated by this visualization, too. Way back when I began to read about academic concepts of  ‘virtual reality’, in my initial reading I found a wide interdisciplinary reception of the concept first of all spanning both branches of natural sciences and humanities. The reading hereby was reduced to german and english literature online and offline.  All the languages I don’t speak have been a concern for me which in the end at some point of research made me drop out the focus on “academic concepts of virtual reality”–I would never have been able to answer it sufficiently.



2 Responses to “games science or aspects of how things work”

  1. torill Says:

    No, german game studies doesn’t have to be published in german, but when I make different types of searches, the german research organisations/groups/collectives/individuals don’t come up. So rather than presuming there are no German game studies (which I know is false), I presume I am not finding the right combinations of search words, and that I miss out on a lot because I don’t know how to search well in German.

  2. orange. Says:


    What you anyway made me wonder is rather that if you were capable to do a proper google search in german on ‘german game studies’, and given google tracks every ‘german game study’ ever mentioned online, would the result represent ‘german game studies’?
    Which leads to my basic question: What are ‘german game studies’ supposed to be ? Are these works that are published in german? Is this research that is conducted by german individuals/organizations/groups? Is it research that is characterized by other than language or nationality related attributes? The more I think of it the more of such questions rise. thx for the impulse!

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