In an interview conducted a while ago I asked a gamer who high-frequently plays first-person shooter games for what happens while playing. As this was sort of a “big question” that could have been answered in various regards and areas of reflection, I specified myself in order to direct his introspection on the biophysical level I was interested in. I asked for “… the pouring out of adrenaline?” which prooved to be spot-on.

He reconfirmed my assumption and even stepped one forward by setting the “hint word” ‘adrenaline’ in a specific context which was ‘Angst’.

Note, the pour out of adrenaline e.g. could have been connected with ‘aggression’ in the first place too, which actually would imply a different starting point of reflection. I think I actually was thinking from the ‘aggression’ corner as that is what I had thought of earlier reflecting a personal friend of mine’s reasons to play shooter games and what had made me attentive to the physical pour out of said substance.

I then was described a practice he called verschnaufen [to breathe].

[ be continued.]


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