weather report

Today morning I went out with Owl for walkies and found outside being +15°C smooth air and stormy winds which is weird as we’re supposed to have minus 15°C to zero at this corner of the planet at this time of year. We have not had any frost here this winter yet and for subjective reasons I’m happy for that: No salt in the streets which means Owl and I non-handycapped can walk our paths.  

Immediately a Michael Moore writing came into mind wherein he criticizes the average New Yorker gratefully enjoying unusual summerly weather in October.   I don’t like Moore’s polemics too much, especially for the success he has in Germany, feeding  antiamericanisms that openly circulate in the nation especially after 09/11.  Same people who admired him for his criticisms of the U.S. were pretty annoyed when in some book he took up commenting on germans and Germany and immediately within their reception he turned from being “a good american” to someone who should go after his own affairs. *lol.

Anyway, I wonder about the weather obviously having gone nuts.  


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