livelong learning

There is an ideology that acclaims human beings` capability to learn to be at its peak at the beginning of their twenties.

That’s wrong.

dogs and children. children and dogs.

They somehow very much are the same. I many times have gained many weirda looks from people when acclaiming this insight but I keep deeply being convinced by both my work experiences:  the ones wth “difficult kids” and the ones wth  “difficult dogs”.


‘Kopfkino’ is a german term that expresses high immersion in subjective perception, mostly experienced in situations of mental stress. That is what I would say. In cyberanthropological terms it refers to a boss reality that is entirely ruled by emotions.

du petit prince

It seems to be the time the people come back to where they have grown up for a visit, or a longer while.

An early bird just whispered to me another friend from youngster days arrives in town tomorrow.  Somehow I do not manage to keep in touch over the distance after she migrated to France five or four [?] years ago. Allthough since our last meeting last year, when I came to see her son the second time, I even have her email adress.

Little Lucien the first time I saw him was a baby. Last fall then I joined them to a local Kindertheater production about a rainbow fish’ s adventures who masters all kinds of odds and scary encounters in order to get a healing plant for his fish friend’s gastro enteritis who had eaten too much yammie plants.

That was a one of a kind fun with the singer and her son. ☺

el sol

A friend recently has contacted me after a long time. The last time we saw and talked to each other was around 1999. That was when she got married–a great party, one of a kind. After that she went to Spain to live with her husband. And n0w she is back in town, for two years. And she brought her family.

When we hooked up it turned out she is into anthropology also. I asked for her reasons to come back to where we grew up. And she came up with a wonderful story. She said, when her sons began to draw as children do, and drew the sun with a moustache, (“..of course– el sol!”) [die Sonne], she thought she wants them to also know where she comes from. Her spanish anthropology teacher, she added, who had lived in Japan for some time with her family, did understand her well. Her children have done red suns.

the art of writing..

.. certainly is not made up by the capability to produce text, but by one to eliminate text.


Gathering all kind of info on formal requirements for the documentation of voluntary work experience I need to write for my M.A., I ran into some humourous mind having renamed Teilnahmeschein aka “kleiner Schein” (assignment for having participated) into Laufzettel.


Andreas Diekmann on Uri Geller in:

Empirische Sozialforschung. Grundlagen, Methoden, Anwendungen. Hamburg 2009, delivers a clear&distinct explanation on ‘how come thousands of recipients of Geller’s famous TV experiments called back the station and reported they had found bent forks in their kitchen’–or spoons [pp 51].

Patrice – No Excuse

“This is about music, so don’t confuse it.”

Samy DeLuxe – weck mich auf